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Topics: Economy, Agriculture, Economics Pages: 4 (529 words) Published: July 28, 2013
S.Y.B.COM Economics Semester IV (2012-13)
Question Bank


1. Explain the pillars / propositions of WTO’s Agreement on Agriculture.

2. Evaluate the impact of WTO’s Agreement on Indian agriculture.

3. Discuss the objectives and features of NAP 2000. / Critically evaluate NAP-2000

4. Discuss the concept of food security. Explain Government measures in India to provide food security.

5. What are the limitations of food security system in India?

6. “WTO’s Agreement on Agriculture can do more harm than good for developing countries” Discuss.

7. Analyse the growth & diversification of Indian industrial sector in the post reform period.

8. Explain the various measures to solve the problems of Small Scale Industries

9. Explain post reforms Small Scale Industrial policy.

10. Justify the rationale behind disinvestment policy of India.

11. Examine the various objectives of disinvestment policy of India.

12. Critically review the disinvestment process in India.

13. Explain the concept of SEZs. Discuss the performance/negative aspects of SEZs in India.

14. Explain the significance of service sector in Indian economy.

15. Discuss the importance and sustainability of service led growth.


1. Distinguish between economic growth and economic development.

2. Explain the concept of growth and its sources.

3. What are the effects of economic growth?

4. Explain the concept of growth and development.

5. Explain the meaning and significance of knowledge economy and examine the emergence of knowledge economy in India through IT.

6. Explain the export of knowledge based industries from India.

7. Explain how Korea has successfully built up a knowledge economy.

8. Explain the composition of...
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