History of the Hunger Games & Panem

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History of The Hunger Games & Panem

What we now know as North America wasn’t always known as North America. North America during post-apocalyptic times was known as Panem. Panem comes from a Latin phrase which means bread and circuses. The phrase was used to describe people or a person using entertainment to distract others from more important issues, which in this case would be problems in the districts. The leader of Panem used entertainment and the providing of food to get the residents of the districts to give up their political rights Panem was run in a dictatorship type way these rules were strictly forced. Being as though Panem is located on the western side of North America and the Capitol of Panem was located in what we know as the Rocky Mountains. Panem had a dictatorship form of government. Before the second rebellion it was ran by President Snow. Snow was the President/leader of Panem for about 25 years. He lived in the Capitol and ruled over all of the districts.

The dictatorship and the rules being strictly enforced were not always in favor of the people. The thirteen districts of Panem soon got tired of these rules and revolted against Snow and the Capitol. The districts put up a good fight but could not last and district thirteen was destroyed. District thirteen was the muscle and the driving force behind the rebellion so when they were destroyed the other districts could no longer resist the Capitol’s power and had to submit to defeat losing hope for change. Snow later on did not let the districts actions go unpunished.

After the rebellion of the thirteen now twelve districts Snow and the Capitol created the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games was a brutal competition that took place every year in Panem. Every year at the hunger games one boy and one girl from each of the twelve districts between the ages of twelve and eighteen were randomly selected to partake in the Hunger Games. This event was televised and it was mandatory that the...
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