How Did Napoleon Came to Power? What Changes Did He Make?

Topics: Government, Senate, The Prefects Pages: 4 (1416 words) Published: November 7, 2010
How did Napoleon come to power in France,1796-1804?


• Napoleon was born in 1769, 20 years before the revolution. He came from Corsica. Napoleon was sent to Brienne 1799-84. Artilerry officer at the age f 16. Ambitious young man. He supported the revolution. He battled against Austrians it had won him a great reputation as a military leader. Personal confidence, ambition and scornful attitude. • Napoleon`s brother would be elected President of the Council of 500 in 1799. This placed Napoleon in the prime position to control events. Napoleon addressed each of councils and informed them of the need to set up a new provisional government in the name of the revolution. In the Council of 500 he was greeted with cries “outlaw the dictator”. The Councils were forced to agree the abolition of the Directory and creation of New Government. • By the LAW OF BRUMAIRE a new government was established under the direction of three consuls : Suyes, Ducos, Napoleon. The “First council” was necessary for stability and two others had advisory role. Council of State and a senate to advise the councils-packed with Napoleon`s. The Tribune and Legislative to help with law making indirectly elected by universal suffrage. Only 3 million of people were for new constitution and 1500 were against. • In 1804 assassination scare. Loyal followers at the Senate decreed that Napoleopn should be declared Emperor of French. Napoleon didn't want to be called a king but he wanted to found a dinasty. He envisaged it as the grandest of ruling houses of Europe. A ceremony in Notre Dame Cathedral with the Pope. Napoleon put the crown himself. 1811 Napoleon Junior King of Rome was born. •Napoleon still had plenty of opponents in the early years of his rule: -left-wing extremists(radicals) wanted democratic republic,were horrified by Napoleon, they were supported by lower ranks in the army and lower classes in the towns. -right-wing royalists helped by émigrés and by foreign powers favoured the...
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