How Does the Child Acquire Language?

Topics: Cognition, Linguistics, Reason Pages: 2 (653 words) Published: May 13, 2012
How does the child acquire language?

Each of us has its own development in the process of life. Maybe it will not be in the same time and the same quality but we will always go through the same process as we grow and continue to exist. Like in the process of acquiring language it’s not possible that we can obtain it in many different ways because we have don’t have the same way of living, genes and environment. It depends on how we acquire our language through these factors. Language indeed is a very important element in our life for the reason the without language we will not be able to live in a way that we can express our feelings, thought and ideas. Language is one of the important gifts of God to us that’s why it should be used in a proper way. God gave us language in order for us to continue living in this world. But one of the most important question is how can we acquire language? In my own point of view, we acquire language in our environment, interaction with other people, innate knowledge and through our behavior. I cannot choose one or two out of these four factors because I believe that these factors are interconnected with each other. A child has its own innate knowledge of his language because of the way he adopt the language in the womb of his mother, this prior knowledge will be develop as the child interact with other people and the influences in his environment and through this it will depict his behavior in using the language. These four factors are very important to the development and improvement of the child’s language because it will be the main reason why the child uses the language in that way and manner, his attitude in using the language and his skill in speaking the language. The way we speak sometimes depicts of what kind of persons we are. Through this the people around us will easily determine of the different influences that we acquire in our use of language. Moreover, no child...
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