How the Government Should Spend Money

Topics: Hunan, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Art museum Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Government without unlimited budget, thus the money should be devoted into comparatively useful place where can bring more benefit to the both individual and whole society. Personally, i think spend money on building art museum and music performance center will achieve this goal properly.

On the top of it, such art museum and performance center convey loads of information concerning the culture, religion, the way of life and so forth, which deliver specially designed education, Cultural insights and entertainment to all the citizens. If you not visit Metropolitan Museum in New York, you can never know how fantastic the world is. If you not go to The Gloden Hall of Vienna,you can nerve know how wonderful the acoustic effect could be. In museum or music hall, these experience are quite direct and thrilling. Moreover, they also provide public with first-hand experience which cannot be obtained by any other media such as internet, television and books. That is the reason why people always enjoy the pleasant brought by a piece of antique or a live song.

Subsequently, we also can not ignore the cultural conservation effect that could contribute to the human history and civilization by the museum and music hall . It is undeniable that need a place to conserve and preserve our heritage. Without museum, how can these historical relic can be collected in an ordered way and displayed in public. Without music hall, can a miracle song handed from generation to generation. For instance, “Xiang Ju” is a famous opera that originate from Hunan province in our country, It is not exaggerated to say it is a masterpiece exited in the world due to the unique singing and acting. However, in this rapid changing world, this traditional art work can not fail to decay owing to the absence of powerful dissemination. Fortunately, the Chairman of Music Hall of Human has noticed the potential danger of disappear and come up with plans to make it survive. They provide some...
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