How to Achieve a Good Governance

Topics: Government, Pakistan, Ayub Khan Pages: 14 (3926 words) Published: May 13, 2011

Since the draw of civilization man has been striving hard t manage his affairs systematically. The desire to become systematic to the point and precise has led human being to develop variety of disciplines . These disciplines with the march of civilization failed to keep pace with the human driving force. Resultantly new avenues are sought for governance. In the case of Pakistan mismanagement has become a hallmark of out management. It is casting dark shadow son our , institutional setup, our cultural norms and above all our credibility in the comity of nations.

Forced by the mismanagement, wide spread corruption and dis functioning of the national institution different governments introduced a number of reforms to stem the decline. For this purpose the Nawaz Sharif government initiated serious efforts. But with the unseating of this, government and military taking over, this pace appeals to have gathered pace. For better governance institutions were setup by the military, which are making plausible efforts to achieve their objectives.

Good governance may be defined as that kind of government that is citizen – friendly. It has three major dimensions: Political, Economic and Civic. In the political sense, governance may be defined as the will and the ability of the government to protect and promote the fundamental rights and liberties of the people. In economic sphere, it is the manner in which power is exercised in the management of a country‘s economic and social resources for development. In its civic sense, the good civic government is that which allows the society to flourish. In a civil society the rights of an individual liberty, free speech, equal opportunities, education etc. are guaranteed by the law .In a civil society collective sense of responsibility prevails.

As the crisis of governance deepens and public confidence in government institutions erodes, there is an urgent need for reform to reinforce the linkages between the state and society. The reasons for this sense of urgency and sense of depression are not far to seek. These may be enumerated as following:

Good governance is needed for sustaining and maintaining a sound political system in a country. In Pakistan we can see that the failure of democracy is due to bad governance. Every government failure of democracy is due to bad governance. Every government comes with great slogans to serve the nation but once it gets charge, it forgets it forgets its promises of serving the people. Every P.M. includes in his cabinet the ministers of his own choice and grabs all the powers while managing the national affairs. The P.M. and his ministers become to self serving. In this way they provide handle to the opposition to stir up the angered public opinion. The aim of the opposition is always to bring down the government. When the situation gets totally out of control, it forces the Army to intervene often cutting the lifetime of the government and democracy. All such actions lead to political instability. It seeks to underline the need of good governance which in turn would yield political stability in the country.

Good governance is needed to make both the public and private sectors effective. A well governed country has also both these sectors well administered and in harmony with each other. When a country is not politically sound its institutions will also be in poor condition. Cohesion between these sectors is impossible in the absence of good governance. In our country we can see the due to the bad governance our public and private sectors are in a great mess.

Every institution of public sector is suffering from mal-administration and worst king of corruption. The people reluctantly visit these institutions because they know the truants and dishonest elements would not lend half an ear shoes palm is always itching. Even for public utilities task, people have to offer bribe. Without any favour or bribe it s very...
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