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Topics: Government, Malay language, Tax Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: September 8, 2013
E-Government in Malaysia: Its implementation so far and citizen’s adoption strategies. E-Government is the use of information technology in to provide citizens and organizations with more convenient access to government information and services and to provide delivery of public services to citizens, business partners, and those working in the public sector. It helps to improve information flows and processes within government to improve the speed and quality of policy development, coordination and enforcement.

Current applications of e-Government in Malaysia
The examples of applications of E-Government in Malaysia are e-Filling, Renewing Road Tax and Driving License online, KWSP’s i-Akaun, E-Perolehan, e-Tanah, e-Consent, e-Local Government (e-PBT), e-Kehakiman and etc.

Common problems encountered by consumers
Security and privacy – consumer maybe worry about their private personal data and the tax return can see by others. Language barrier - most of the government websites are using Bahasa Malaysia. So, this may be created problem since some users are more comfortable in using other language like English and Chinese. Credibility – how accuracy of the e filing system? How to ensure that the system will not make the mistake? Technological knowledge – some of the people may be do not have the technological knowledge. Thus, they do not know how to use the E Government application through internet.

Suggest ways to encourage more citizens to use the e-government applications Government can organize some activities to introduce the e government application and teach the citizen how to use the E-Government application. Eg: increase awareness through TV and radio advertisements, and organizing workshops at shopping malls. Government should provide websites with multiple language versions. Government should improve the security and privacy application of E-Government to make sure the data will not hack by the hacker.
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