How to Learn a Foreign Language

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Learning language nowadays has become easier than ever before with the account of visual aid method, ebook and documents available on the Internet and a convenient environment. However, it is the appropriate way to study that can help people acquire language effectively. Personally, I express my experience of learning language by mentioning two methods: fully enhancing grammar, vocabulary and practicing effectively on a regular basis. For starter, enhancing grammar and vocabulary has proven itself the most fundamental and important ways to acquire language from the beginning. First, you need to spend much time to build up your vocabulary by noticing words from newspapers, reading sections, listening audio and looking it up in the dictionary to understand the meaning and how to use. Grammar and advanced sentence structures are the big deals and the only way to acquire its is to practice frequently with writing and reading sections. Gradually, you will be able to use them skillfully and have no problem with listening, reading and writing skills.

Secondly and more importantly, practicing everyday is the key to the success. Learning without using it is the waste of time. Specifically, in order to achieve fluency, you need to listening to the language through television programs, radio, lecture and most interesting of all, music. Rather than listening, you have to speak in front of the mirror or repeat what you have heard in order to build up your fluency and ability. Additionally, communicating with native speakers is the most important as through conversations, you will learn more about sentence structures, the way they raise their tone and how to speak fluently.

In conclusion, in order to learn language in the most effective way, not only advancing your knowledge about grammar, vocabulary daily is required, but also using it to communicate as much as possible is recommended. Practice makes perfect !!!

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