ICAO Strategic Objectives

Topics: International Civil Aviation Organization, Aviation, Economic development Pages: 7 (1984 words) Published: May 12, 2015
“As the global development of international forum for cooperation among its member states and with the world aviation community, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) sets standards and recommended practices for the safe and orderly development of international civil aviation. In its ongoing mission to foster a global civil aviation system that consistently and uniformly operated at peak efficiency and provides optimum safety, security and sustainability, ICAO has established Strategic Objectives which form the basis for the Organizations activities. “. This is what ICAO claims, promotes and believes. The question is: Has ICAO really developed a set of Strategic Objective that are aligned and could be considered as value added towards the global civil aviation needs and future growth potentiality? I strongly believe that it has! Doing a flashback, the “first into 21st century” Strategic action plan was adopted by ICAO council on the 7th of February 1997. These Strategic action plans were designed to adapt to the vision of the ICAO founders in Chicago and to ensure that the Organization responds to the major challenges that such implications represent for international civil aviation in the coming years and meet the related needs of all its Contracting States. According to (ICAO February 1997) the agreed by the council Strategic Objectives are the following: a) Forster the implementation of ICAO standards and recommended practices to the greatest extent possible worldwide. b) Develop and adopt new or amended standards, recommended practices and associated documents in a timely manner to meet changing needs. c) Strengthen the legal framework governing international civil aviation by the development of new international air law instruments as required and by encouraging the ratification by states of existing instruments. d) Ensure the currency, co-ordination and implementation of Regional Air Navigation plans and provide the framework for the efficient implementation of new air navigation system. e) Respond on the timely basis to major challenges to the safe and efficient development and operation of civil aviation. f) Ensure the guidance and information on the economic regulation of the international air transport is current and effective. g) Assist in the mobilization of human, technical and financial resources for civil aviation facilities and services. h) Ensure the greatest possible efficiency and effectiveness of the organization, inter alia to meet the above objectives. Summarizing the above strategic objectives, their goal is to further the safety, security and the efficiency of the international civil aviation. Of course, each one of these objectives breaks down to a details action plan and key activities in order to address the issues it targets. The second in time Strategic Objectives was adopted by ICAO council on the 17th of December 2004. According to (ICAO, December 2004), committed to its vision which is safety, security and sustainable development of civil aviation, ICAO established the following strategic Objectives for 2005 till 2010: a) Safety - Enhance global civil aviation safety

b) Security - Enhance global civil aviation security
c) Environmental Protection - Minimize the adverse effect of global civil aviation on the environment d) Efficiency - Enhance the efficiency of aviation operations e) Continuity - Maintain the continuity of aviation operations f) Rule of Law - Strengthen governing international civil aviation Comparing to the “first” strategic objectives, we see that now the objectives are narrowed down and more focused. In addition, there is a more complete approach targeting a broader range of topics. Moreover, security and environmental protection and continuity has been included in new the objectives. Security is mostly driven by the unfortunate incident of 9/11. Again all the above objectives breaks down to a details action plan and key activities in order to address...
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