Impact of Computer on Record Keeping

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1.1 Background of the study
The introduction and use of computer can not be over emphasized. Often time, it’s application has resulted in the fast transformation of the way records are stored and utilised in various organizations and the society in general. This has contributed to the growth and systemic organisation of co-operate records.

The importance of computer in record keeping can be defined as one of the most useful modern means of collecting, updating, controlling, recording, and storing of information for future usage by any resourceful organization.

In the past, history has it that the act of “RECORD KEEPING” were basically performed on tablets, stone, Animal skin and many other forms of record keeping were also designed .However, over the years, with the advent of modern technology, things have changed tremendously for better. Science and researches have come up with an efficient electronic machine called “computer” that can perform wonders in various capacity and of such is the record keeping.

No single development within the past five decades has a greater impact on record keeping system, accounting and business management system than the advent of computer application (wikipedia). Computers are widely used in the field of engineering, medicine, education, automobile technology, agriculture, economic planning e.t.c. However, the most spectacular growth has been in the field of business organisation. Similarly, tasks such as record keeping which requires repetition for various sets of data are ideally suited for computer system. Computer has many capabilities that make’s it a special machine, the reason for which it has become very important for everyday use at home or in the office. The computer is a faster and more efficient at doing lengthy or complex analysis on data in a very short time.

Keeping of records or information is the life wire of every organization regardless of type organisation. Therefore there is need for a cheaper, faster and reliable method of keeping records than the manual way or system which involves the use of large volume papers, files and cabinet. The offices are filled to the brim and store rooms sometimes cannot contain any more files.

No alternatives method of record keeping is a match for computers whose operation is based upon impulses moving at a speed of light and reduces expenses in keeping detailed record of personnel. It is also practicable to record and store all information generated by any operation or discussion with a company in one set of file which can be retrieved at any time. When information which may be required in future are stored, they are easily manipulated , sorted and retrieved in a much easier manner and large amount of information are gathered in one place.

In other to be able to record and preserve the documentation generated as a result of the activities of large complex organization. Record managers have to study the nature of modern organizations which has become dynamic and its structures are more complex as it grows. The data requirement increases in volume and capacity hence the need to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of employee to meet the modern day challenges. Therefore, power holding company of Nigeria (PHCN) is a house hold name that authorises product which is electricity though invisible and tangible with much influence and splendid effects on our private lives. It stands as the turning wheel of the nation’s socio economics development.

Like every other federal government owned establishment, power holding company of Nigeria (PHCN) is no exception with its great installed...
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