Impact of Corruption and Maladministration

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1. Introduction page1

2. Corruption page1 3. Maladministration or Injustice page2 4. examples of maladministration page3 5. Actually Corruption page4 6. Generalized terms types of costs of corruption page5 7. Conclusion page6 8. Bibliography page7


This paper evaluates the impact of Corruption and Maladministration in the public service of which. And is divided in to sub section of the firstly the general concept of corruption, maladministration and it impact to the public services, followed by the spheres of corruption as they affect public service in deferent ways and lastly discussion of the cost of corruption. Corruption can be defined as “any conduct or behavior”, immoral, deprived or dishonest practice to citizens, violating their duties and public trust as public officials do for the promotion of the private gains (Hornsby in Mafunisa, 2008:11. & Langseth, 2000:11). Momaya (2009) included even the compound of discrimination experiences of women and other group as part of the corruption definition.


Generally Corruption could be the promotion of private gains or selfish interest at the expense of public interest, against the overall objectives of the government, by whoever in charge and responsible within the area of work (Mafunisa, 2008:11).While Dobel in (Mafunisa, 2008:11) asserts that from an organizational point of view, corruption is essentially specific cultural attitudes regarding loyalty, morality and usurpation of public goods. Corruption can be the disfigure of the allocation of resources, sharply increasing the cost of goods and services; the diversion of scarce resources to lesser or non-priorities, in this way largely CORRUPTION neglecting fundamental needs such as food, health and education; act as a disincentive, possibly determine potential economic activities and investment but increase the likelihood of committing other crimes (Chief Executive, 2010:2). Based on the corruption practice of public official’s the failure to promote the public interest within government jurisdiction, Ikoiwak (in Mafunisa, 2008:11) draws the analogy that corruption means the betrayal of public trust and interest for individual gains. Therefore corruption becomes both the cause and consequence of underdevelopment and poverty in general (Chief Executive, 2010:2).

Corruption is a universal issue and it is not limited to South Africa. It’s seriously jeopardizes the constrain development of national economics prevent creditability of good governance and critically provide the organized crime in the public services. Corruption erodes the stability and trust, undermines our Constitution rights to human dignity, equality and freedom, and it harm the philosophy or culture and values of our democratic government. Molaketi.J.F (2003:2) said “corruption causes massive macro-economic and social cost” (Werner in Mafunisa, 2008:15. & Chief Executive, 2010:2).

Maladministration or Injustice

There is no statutory definition of Maladministration or Injustice even in many African countries, the term corruption is often loosely used even when the writers/speakers is referring to maladministration or mismanagement. Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) Act suggested that if we are looking for maladministration, it must encompasses the broken promises; delay; failure to follow procedures or the follow or the law; failure to investigate; failure to provide information; failure to reply; incorrect action or failure to take any action; inadequate consultation; inadequate liaison;...

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By Nkosinathi Manyathi
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