Implementation of Grammar in Clt

Topics: Linguistics, Second language acquisition, Communicative language teaching Pages: 7 (2224 words) Published: July 2, 2013
The Implementation of Grammar In Communicative Language Teaching

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FransiscusTeja H.B. - 2009031048
LeonardusWahono K. - 2010031068

English Department
Faculty of Education
Atmajaya Catholic University of Indonesia

Communicative Language Teaching is believed as a method that enhance second language learners to achieve the goal which is native-like proficiency and in it’s process, grammar instruction is unnecessary and affected a minimal progress on L2 acquisition. Based on the arguments that is revealed about CLT and grammar that are not included in L2 acquisition, this study is conducted to examine the use of grammar which is also able to be implimented in CLT method. In order to figure out whether grammar instruction is able to be implemented with CLT, we examined, identified, highlighted, and scrutinized the articles published in three journals to discover the conclusive point of our study. Our study of these three journals showed a result similar to the hypothesis, which is grammar instructions are able to be implemented in CLT. It is supported by the integrated survey to some teachers with showing the majority of sample of participants (class teachers) considered grammar instruction in CLT is integrate and effective. Our limited study of the issue suggested that grammat, as a rule of language, cannot be separated from communication because it lead us to send and receive the meaning in the proper manner, both written and oral.

Communicative Language Teaching has been established since in the middle of 1970s and considered plays an important role in L2 acquisition. It is the Interaction Hypothesis stating that the development of language proficiency was promoted by face-to-face interaction and communication (Long, 1983a, 1983b, 1996), which dominantly influences the idea of Communicative Language Teaching. As the result of that Interaction Hypothesis, the idea of teaching deploys the more use of communication in teaching L2 during learning activity. The primary issue of Communicative Language Teaching is that it mostly emphasizes on meaningful interaction of class using oral ability during tasking activity, which is done by pair and/or group work. There are various methods for teaching communicatively, for example, immersion, task-based instruction, structured input, and The Natural Approach (Krashen& Terrell, 1983). One of the problematic points in Communicative Language Teaching is the role of the grammar instruction in teaching. Responding to Krashen’s (1982,1985) Monitor Theory which conveyed that grammar instruction was unnecessary and affected a minimal progress on L2 acquisition(SLA), the revision of Interaction Hypothesis of Long’s (1996) then released, triggering the CLT scholars to begin investigating the integrating form- focused interaction with communication activities (Spada&Lightbown, 2009). Pica (2000) also argued that the idea of Communicative Language Teaching which mainly focused on meaning instead of forms hindered the learners in achieving native-like proficiency. This study examines at the use of grammar which is also able to be implemented in Communicative Language Teaching method. Throughout the use of library research, We discovered the evidences about the reliability and adequateness of grammar instruction applied in Communicative Language Teaching as a teaching method in L2 acquisition (SLA).

According to Brown (2002), the main objective of CLT is creating learners’ communicative competence in L2 by applying communication and interaction with others. It clearly emphasizes that the use of communication involving two ways interaction significantly influences the progress of Second Language Acquisition (SL2) in applying Communicative Language Teaching method.Rickheit and Strohner (2008) pointed out that the focal point of communicative competence refers to the...
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