Importance of Morphology

Topics: Word, Linguistics, Language Pages: 1 (377 words) Published: September 27, 2012
Morphology is just a part of the study of Linguistics but it’s a broad topic to reflect. It is something we should not take for granted if we attempt to understand LANGUAGE. As we all know, languages differ from one another and it is necessary to appreciate the uniqueness and diversity of the world’s language through the study of morphology. If we want to appreciate what morphology really is, it’s best to have some idea of what the morphology of individual languages is like. In this sense, it will really take time for us to understand better the different languages. Upon reading some of the researches made by the morphologist, it made me realized the need for careful understanding and long patience to be able to absorb the varied information, studies and theories presented by these famous people. I actually understood morphology before as something not really complicated to deal with but just the study of words that is essential to form sentences. I never seek to know more about it nor try to dig deeper on its terminologies. The value of morphology struck me when I decided to make an effort on reading some of the researches by the morphologist. The experience was a sort of realization that encouraged me not just study morphology but to read as much as possible. In studying morphology, one would say that a morpheme is the smallest unit of word and is combined together to make a sentence. But there could be more to this definition. Morphology is the study of the patterns of the word formation in a particular language including inflection, derivation, composition and etc. Morphology studies all the different types of languages and how they relate to one another as well. In general, it has been a helpful tool for me to be familiar with morphology in studying English. As an ESL instructor, this will be useful on my part as I will be dealing with teaching language to second language learners. This will also give me a good strategy and technique to...
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