Improve students' acquisition of the language trhough input and interaction

Topics: Linguistics, Language acquisition, Second language acquisition Pages: 3 (867 words) Published: April 22, 2014

Solve the following proposal: “Imagine you have to give some advice to a new English teacher, tell her what she should do to improve her students’ acquisition of the language through input and interaction”. The use of a correct methodology of language teaching has been the subject of studies designed to promote the input and acquisition of English. Krashen, author of Natural Approach considered the best way to learn a second language has to be in a form like they learned their native language, naturally and through regular interaction with others who already know the language. We as teachers are always wondering what method could be the best to get students develop strategies to make comprehensible or find simpler sources of input, so it is a hard work but not impossible to do if we always take into account certain suggestions. According to the Second Language Acquisition theories, for getting a better input through interaction, we as teachers must help our students to interact more with native and non-native speakers. We must encourage them to take risks and persuade them to communicate with them, for example you must organize activities where your students can interview native speakers about any topic and when they are in class they can share their experiences on what people have told them. If you use comprehensible input tasks, meaning can be acquired without focusing to the grammar of the input. On the other hand, learners can make progress in English acquisition through exposure to comprehensible input in order to get “i +1”. Krashen interprets “i” represents the learner’s current competence in the second language, the “+1” means the features of the input that are beyond the learner’s competence and which he is developmentally ready to acquire. Consequently, you might use the e-virtual as a tool in the webpage to get they are in contact with you, it is a kind of program where you can interact with your students even if you are not with...
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