Improving Speaking Skill

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Improving Speaking skill of Grade XII students of secondary school through Role Play strategy. A. Background of the Study

The language has many functions, Srijono (2006: 7) states that the language function is used for expressing and receiving some information, communication, persuasion, negotiation, and for socialization. We usually use language into two ways, verbal language and nonverbal language. It is so very important to communicate because the two components help us to speak up very well. Nonverbal language supports verbal language, it makes someone who listen our speech easier to understand. For example when we see someone who feels happy, in nonverbal language, we can see that their face will smile happily, clap their hand, jump, and in verbal language, they shout wow.

The language production can be created naturally. The human can study language because everyone has Language Acquisition Device (LAD) in their left brain. Its function is to know the concept of language acquisition and universal grammar for the first language acquisition. Chomsky (1988) in Fauziati (2009: 103) states that children begin to listen from their parent, they will unconsciously recognize which kind of language they deal and they will set his grammar to correct one, this is known as setting the parameter. Speech organ and articulator phonetic also help people to produce the language, for example the ear helps to listen and the mouth uses to speak. From listening, the infants get new vocabulary, so they will repeat and drill it. The parent and environment help to grow up the child language.

Everyone has a special skill to learn language. In fact, the baby was born in this world can speak with their local language (dialect). They are never shy, nervous, and afraid to make mistakes. Because they need language to communicate each other, without language they have many troubles and it is difficult to imagine.

There are four skills that can be developed in English language....
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