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The humble Indian Post has been at the service of the nation for over 150 years now. Positioned as the nerve centre of communication in community life, today, the Post Office faces tough competition from newer modes of technology, which have redefined ‘connectivity’. Even in the face of tough competition, the focus to add value in the life of an average Indian and fulfilling social commitment continues unabated.

In last 150 years of the post office, it has been more than a means of Communication It has helped in nation building and connecting the diverse regions and populace of the country. In retrospect, the post office has helped in making India a unified entity. India Post touches the lives of Indians in more ways than one. It has indeed come a long way from merely transmitting messages, to providing a wide range of services for the socio - economic betterment of the people. The four main areas of services offered by India Post are as follows- •Communication services – Letters, Post Cards, etc.

Transportation services – Parcel, Logistics, etc.
Financial services – Savings Bank, Money Order, Insurance, etc. •Value added services – Speed Post Service, Business Post, Direct Post, etc.

Functioning of Indian Post
India has the largest postal network in the world with over 155,333 post offices all over the country. The department of posts operated by the Government of India functions under the brand name of India Post or the more endearing connotation of “the post office”. The various facilities offered include general post, parcel post, and speed post, greeting post, express post, media post, e-post and EMS. Apart from providing the postal services, India Post is also involved in various financial and banking services usually aimed at small savings customers viz. National Savings Certificate and Kisan VIkas Patra. It also offers facilities for term deposits and recurring deposits. The financial services include international...
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