India Shining

Topics: Economics, Economic development, Sustainability Pages: 3 (926 words) Published: July 12, 2013
India has emerged from a long period of economic hibernation. The country's economic scene appears excellent ill all spheres. This year can be taken as the most flourishing year that India has ever had after India attained freedom. "

India's GDP growth in the eighties averages 5% per annum. The growth rate during nineties averaged at 6%, despite some adverse developments. All the prospects of economy have seen a tremendous boom this year. People are said to have experiencing 'Feel Good Factor' of the emerging economy.

Today Indians command a high respect throughout the world. Many foreigners have started coming to India for medical treatment. Wall mart, the biggest company in the world, making plans to purchase more than $5 billion worth of goods from Indian companies. The emergence of the country as an important player in the software and IT sector has led to recognition by all developed countries ,of the ability, reliability and competence of the educated Indian youth.

See the changed scenario,just ten to fifteen years ago, one has to wait in the long queue to get a telephone connection and today a poor man in a remote village of India, telephone connection within a week. The availability of mobile or cellular phones has changed the situation to such an unimaginable position that now even a carpenter, a vegetable seller is having cellular phone. Access to things which once considered a luxury are being used by a common man frequently. The quality and way of life has changed miraculously.

It is a universally accepted fact that growth for one year looks better, when it on a low base. To this extent, advance estimates by the CSO (Central Statistical Organization) suggesting a 8% GDP growth for the current fiscal need to be seen in perspective. The latest figures suggest not only welcome turnaround in 'culture but greatly encouraging symptoms in both service and industry also. The figure for agriculture, an estimated 9.12% growth, needs to be seen...
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