Influence of Salutary Neglect on America

Topics: Government, Thirteen Colonies, United States Pages: 3 (949 words) Published: July 28, 2013
England was without a doubt the “owner” of the new world in the 17th century. It established colonies on the entire eastern coast and controlled that region with the exception of Florida. In order to have these colonies and region prosper, Great Britain enforced the policy of salutary neglect which limited English control on the colonies and giving them more freedom to do as they see fit. Salutary neglect positively influenced the development of legislative assemblies, commerce, and religion in America before the year 1750. With the lack of British control over the American colonies, the colonists were essentially left to fend for themselves and this sense of independence led the pilgrims to form their own “rules and regulations” which was imperative if the Americans were to ever succeed. Due to the enforcement of this policy, America was able to establish itself as a separate and free country.

In order to make and establish the laws, the colonists needed to first form their own type of government because they could not rely on the British to make or even enforce their laws from such a far ways away. A change from what the colonists were used to was formed as a result of this. Instead of having to suffer under a malicious monarchy such as they did in England, the settlers wanted to establish a democracy in which wealthy and poor people alike had a say and choice of what to do. This idea of democracy is what is still present in America today and it is thriving unlike other countries whose government is completely controlled by one man or a selective group alone. It is thriving because everyone has a voice on the matters at hand and this voice is ultimately what leads to the formation of laws that benefit the majority of people in the country on a positive aspect. The first step the colonists took in order to achieve democracy, was to set up the House of Burgesses in 1619. This was established in Jamestown and was for a while the lone government....
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