intercultural competence

Topics: Linguistics, Culture, Cross-cultural communication Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: October 19, 2014

Intercultural competence and foreign language learning in the primary school. (summarize)

The language learning particularly English in the primary school has different means, depending on place or context, however is assumed what due to the age the students, to introduce the cultural dimension would be no sense, of this way the English as a foreign language only would be a poor contact with the language, since is necessary included all elements cultural and social to achieve a good development as apprentice (EIL). The classroom methods and theories to acquire the foreign language are inadequate, since there are several need according context, the apprentices have that development both competences (linguistic and grammatically) which does not accomplish because does not take into the special nature of speaking in a foreign language. Another thing what it is said about the acquisition (EIL) children are in period in which they build this identity and personality and learning a new language could be a threat, since they meet people and with them other culture, nevertheless there is not an evidence real about it, besides it depends on feelings, places, beliefs of each student. According to Bruner the success in the cultural education of primary school, is that the task given must be selected in accordance with the learners, while Curtain and Pesola locate the representation of other cultures in the environment of the children and use them as starting points for intercultural information and experience those in 3 categories. The other hand is essential that the teachers have also an intercultural competence, to order to be responsible for other subjects whom hope acquire the English foreign with an excellent development.
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