Intercultural Teaching

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Self-access module 2


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Module Overview

This is a self-access learning module.

It is designed as an additional pathway for exploring intercultural language learning for teachers who have participated in ILTLP Phase 1 or 3, or who can access materials from the ILTLP professional learning programme, to work through by themselves or with groups of other teachers. It refers to modules provided as part of Phase 3 of the ILTLP and assumes familiarity with the knowledge and skills gained through participation in the ILTLP. It is not intended as a stand-alone professional learning programme.

All ILTLP professional learning materials can be accessed on the website:

As a teacher who has participated in Phase 1 or 3, you will appreciate the particular focus that intercultural language teaching brings to the learning of Languages. It is recommended that you work through this module individually, relating it both to the ILTLP materials you have explored already and to your work with your students since your participation in the ILTLP.

You should examine this module quickly to assess whether it meets your needs. It is aimed at teachers who are not familiar with the range of technologies available or ways to access and use them. It is introductory in scope. You may feel comfortable with your knowledge and practice in this area and may wish to concentrate on the relationship between the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) and intercultural language learning.

It is intended that this module can be undertaken a section at a time. You may wish to spend more or less time on a section as you feel you need to, or as your interests and situation require.

Module Objectives

In this module you will
Consider the purposes and particular dimensions of the interaction of an intercultural language learning programme and connective technologies Explore of the range of technologies that support intercultural language teaching and learning Evaluate particular examples of ICT enhanced Language programmes from an intercultural language learning perspective.

Intentions of this module

The purpose of this module is to encourage you (and your colleagues) to consider the implications of engaging ICTs in your Languages education programmes within the frameworks of the wider purposes of the ILTLP, i.e.: the consideration of the intercultural within the learning of Languages, and extended planning and programming for intercultural language learning.

As you work through this brief module, you will extend your knowledge and skills in the use of ICTs in Languages education programmes, including current practices and examples from The Le@rning...
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