Internal and External Factors

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Internal and External Factors
University of Phoenix
May 15, 2013

The four functions of management consist of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. They can have a positive effect on the internal and external environment. An external environment is things, which are important factors outside the organizations boundaries. For example, if a recession hit the company, it would be something out of the hands of the company. It would be very inevitable because of the effect on the economy. There are uncontrollable factors; such as the government rules and regulations and the action taken by the competitor of a company. Second, there is the internal environment or culture of a company’s organization that influences the organizations reactions to their environment. For example, when choosing a career a person would want to go with the company culture that represents an individual’s goals and values. In Technology there are many things to consider when doing business through the Internet. The Internet is always growing with different companies and ways to do business faster and more efficient. New advancement in technology makes AFLAC’s distribution method improve more than ever. AFLAC considers the SmartApp System the chief piece of technology in the insurance business today. The SmartApp System is a laptop system that permits workers to transfer policies straight to headquarters. Normally it would take about 14 days to process an application, but presently it takes 24 hours. AFLAC is at 90% paperless, making profits tear through the roof. Externally, a person has to consider planning what he or she wants his or her organization to do in this rapid growing environment. Then they have to organize their information and resources to come up with something innovative to pitch to their target market. After that is accomplished a person has to begin to lead by motivating high performance for the company. Last, they would need to control by...
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