Internet Communication

Topics: Internet, World Wide Web, Instant messaging Pages: 2 (699 words) Published: May 16, 2013
The internet, since discovered as a powerful communication tool has grown, expanded and spread through out the world like wild fire. It has since become arguably the most powerful source of communication and resource. Many people in the world have access to the internet and almost every company has full access to surf the net.

The internet has broadened our horizons in ways we never dreamt to be possible. Advertising on web pages, e-mail, instant chat, video conferencing and many other ways of communicating has evolved through out the years. As most of us know, the internet was developed for the United States army as a source of communication but it soon became public. Take for an example some of the things that we can do on the net. You can log in and instantly see which of your friends are online. You can send them an instant message, e-mail them, chat or make a video call. If you are working online then you can see which of your colleagues are online and work with them.

All these methods are used for communication. Let's look at some of these methods in detail. Take for an example e-mail. E-mail was one of the first ways we started to use the internet. It was not too long ago that we started using this facility. You type what you want and send the mail to the relevant mail address. The message is delivered electronically. It takes a matter of minutes if not seconds for the message to be delivered.

When e-mail first came into the scene it was not possible for you to just walk into any remote computer lab and view your e-mails. But now this is possible with web based e-mail. Companies like Microsoft, Yahoo and G-mail provide free web based e-mail. If you don't mind seeing some advertising on your web page then any one can sign up and use these services free of charge. It is not only as online text that you can send e-mails. Now there is the facility where you can attach files and mail them to who ever you want. You can attach files, folders, wave files,...
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