Issues and Dilemmas of Contemporary Public Administration

Topics: Government, Official, Public administration Pages: 3 (756 words) Published: July 11, 2011
The purpose of this essay is to discuss the public interest and the administrative responsibility. Discuss some of the recent ethical obligations confronting public administrators in their day to day decision making. Also we will examine the recent trend in privatizing government functions. Finally, we will discuss if privatizing posses any type of dilemma’s for the attainment of public interest.

Former Senator from Illinois, Paul Douglas said that” Instead, most men want a life of integrity and goodwill in which public officials are stewards rather than masters and treat their jobs as a means of helping people rather than dominating them.” Furthermore, he states the fact that our lives are directly affected, and that our government itself is now so big. That simply as nation, we honestly cannot be satisfied with the idea of our public officials behaving levels of behavior on a scale of moderately decency. Misbehavior of even the smallest percent from our public officials can cause the greatest harm.

Several aspects of one’s personnel life is revealed for public record, once said person enters the public realm. Appearances of impropriety, health, sexual misconduct, and finances are these aspects. The aspect of appearance of impropriety in order to avoid bad publicity from the public in their decision making. Officials should openly make available any and all conflicts of interest made known to the public. In dealing with the aspect of health should be ready for the challenge in the eyes of the public. An example of this is looking at the first lady Michelle Obama. Her clear involvement in getting today’s youth as health as her family. She is opening the door for more physical activity and eating right. Sexual misconduct aspect is of course when we are examine the Issues and Dilemmas of Contemporary Public Administration 2 Sex life of our public officials. A prime example would be former President Clinton. This in...

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