Jeffersonian vs Anglo Saxon

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1.Compare between classical model and Anglo-Saxon model of local government.

According to Royal Commission of Inquiry of Malaysia, Local Government is a subsystem operating within or among a number of other subsystems. Local government is the lowest system that operates under the state and federal government. Higher government gave its one body handled on local issues that represent the power whether from federal government or state government, which has limited autonomy in terms of financial and administration, have power to sue and sued by others and have legal property. Basically, local government is an entity where it will play it role a specific area of territory. In order to determine the role of local government, certain model can be used for example classical and Anglo-Saxon model of local government. There are certain characteristics that can be seen in order to differentiate between both models.

Firstly, classical school and anglo saxon model are different in terms of the community under the local government. In the classical school, it is explained thet the community that formed the LG was the hunter’s gatherers and small scales farmers whereas in anglo saxon, the community consisted of the king and the witan. This shows that during classical school era, the people does not have head of state as compared to anglo saxon model where they have the King as the head of state and also as the chief of magistrate while the witans acted as the wise

Secondly, these two models are different in terms of the administrative body. In classical school, there were no appropriate body that involves in the duty to administer the state. This is because, the people in this era focus their development with laws and they are tied with the development of agriculture suitable with most of the community who was hunters and farmers. While in anglo saxon model, the state was being administered by a specific body such as administration justice that possessed both judicial...
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