Jennifer Government

Topics: Jennifer Government, Form of government, World government Pages: 3 (845 words) Published: September 15, 2005
2.Jennifer Government takes place in the not so distant future, and predominantly in Australia; however, there is a lot of traveling across continents. Australia is run by the United States' United Alliance, along with the majority of the rest of the world.

3.The story is depicted in a third person/omniscient point of view, and each chapter is from the view of a different character. "They scattered, and she dived for the escalator, landing on her stomach and sliding, leading with her .45s. There was a man at the bottom, looking up, and almost put him down before recognizing he wasn't the target."

4.Jennifer Government takes the reader on a journey through the corruption and greed of the future; where corporations run the world, and most of the earth is owned by the United States' United Alliance. Hack Nike is tricked into signing a contract by John Nike from marketing. The contract stipulates that hack has to murder kids who buy the hot new Nike sneakers in order to build street credibility for the shoe, allowing Nike to sell each pair of shoes for $2,500. As the story develops, Jennifer Government is determined to put John Nike in Jail, and use whoever she can to get them there; however, everyone has a weakness, and John Nike knows Jennifer's.

5.Hack Nike – At no point in the story is Hack's appearance described. However, he has an untrained mind in the beginning of the story; maybe a little dopy, but as the story progresses, Hack becomes wiser and gains a much higher level of self-respect. Hack originally just hoped to get out of the troubling Nike scandal, but later focused on battling all of big business. Jennifer Government – Jennifer is thought to have a fit, attractive body with short hair. It is clear that she has green eyes and a barcode tattoo under her left eye. Jennifer Government is portrayed as a confident, determined, focused and powerful woman, who knows exactly what she wants. Through out the novel Jennifer goes through remarkable...
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