Joseph Williams Response

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Jordan McCallum
English 1010
Joseph Williams Response

When is it Proper to use “I” or “you”?

In Joseph William’s writing, he is telling the readers about error in writing. Joseph emphasizes that it can be extremely puzzling error can be, in that some errors are least expected. William’s compares the game of baseball and writing, which I found to be accurate. Common errors in writing such as using the word “I” when it is unnecessary, using the word “you” and other simple errors such as grammatical errors are commonly found in all writing. It is important to know how to correct errors in writing and make the text more legible for readers.

Using “I” too much in writing can often times be over bearing and too personal for the readers. If the reader begins to feel as though the text is too personal, they often feel as though reading the text is not entertaining. Even though all writing seems to be personal in some way, there are ways to present writing while avoiding using the word “I” too many times. An example of this would be to take a sentence such as “I like to shop to take out my frustration” and change this to “shopping can help take out any frustration that being experienced at the time.” By changing the wording of the sentence and not including “I” the sentence still makes sense, and it gets the same point across to the reader.

Along with using “I” in a piece of writing when it is not necessary, using the word “you” in writing is an error that is rarely acceptable. Business types of writing are examples of a time when using “you” would be appropriate. When using the word “you” in other types of writing though, the reader can be under the impression that the writer is assuming something about them. Using the word “you” could discourage the reader from going any further into the writing and also end up making the reader upset. An example of using the word “you” inappropriately would be “You should never make errors in a piece of writing.”...
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