June 2010 Unit 1 Topic 4 Pressure Groups and Protest Movements

Topics: Government, Policy, Public policy Pages: 3 (1253 words) Published: February 2, 2014
1. Explain the term mass media used in the extract
The term mass media within the extract means all the various mediums pressure groups can adopt in order out reach out to large numbers and to gain public attention and support for their campaign. Some popular forms of mass media would be television advertisements, such as the NSPCC’s recent 2013 television campaign ‘The things that children say’ is broadcast on all main satellite channels so that they can gain the attention of the British public. Pressure groups that use mass media campaigns are often well-resourced and well-funded groups; however some smaller groups such as the SAS maintain a presence on the internet through social networking sites such as ‘Twitter’. 2. Using your own knowledge as well as the passage, identify and explain two ways in which pressure groups make use of the media There are numerous ways in which pressure groups use the media, however to common uses are, to promote their aims and encourage funding. Many pressure groups use the media to promote their aims and reach out to the British public to help them achieve their aims. A recent example would be ‘Hacked Off!’ they used the recent media frenzy surrounding the phone hacking scandal of school girl Milly Dowler to promote their aims. They have managed to use the media to promote their aims to the general public and following on from the News of the World scandal the group have been at the focus of media attention and since this they have gained much more support from the British public, this support which they have received has helped them to achieve their aims, for example PM David Cameron set up a public, judge-led Leveson inquiry in order to examine the culture, practise and ethics of the press. However, it could be argued that this was sheer luck for the group, as before the scandal they had very little media attention. If it had not been for the Milly Dowler case, then it is unlikely that Hacked Off! would have been able to...
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