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TR 22 – (OUTER)Bill No.
(Treasury Rule 265)

DETAILED PAY BILL OF INCUMBENTS OF ______________________________________

1. Held-over amount should be entered in the appropriate columns(8),(4),(5),(6),(7)r (8) as the case may be ignored in totaling. Leave salary, the amount of which is not known should similarly be entered in red ink in column(8) at the same rate as pay if he had remained on. 2. In the remarks column (20) should be recorded all unusual permanent events such as deaths, retirement, transferred and first appointments which find no place in the increment certificates or absentee statement. 3. When an increment claimed operates to carry a Government servant over an efficiency bar, it should be supported by a declaration that the Government servant in question is fit to pass the bar. 4. Names of Government servants in inferior service as well as those mentioned in Rule 268 may be omitted form Pay Bills. 5. A red line should be drawn right across the sheet after each section of the establishments and under it the total of columns(4) (5) and (9) for the section should be shown in red ink. 6. In cases where the amount of leave salary is based on average pay, a separate statement showing the calculations of average pay duly attested by Drawing Officer should be attached to this bill. 7. The names of men holding posts substantively should be entered in order of seniority as measured by substantive pay drawn and below those will be shown the post left vacant and the men officiating in the vacancies. 8. Officiating pay should be recorded in the section of the bill appropriate to that in which the Government servant officiates transit pay should be recorded in the same section as that in which the duly pay of the Government servant after transfer is recorded. 9. The following abbreviation should be use in this other documents submitted with pay bills-

Leave on Average pay LAP On Foreign FS Leave Half Average Pay LHP VacantVac
On other dutyODPost Office ince.Fund PI
Leave Salary LSLast Pay CertificateLPC
Conveyance Allowance CASubsistence GrantSC
Under Suspension SPTransit PayTP
10. In cases where any fund deductions are included 9in a pay bill, a separate schedule showing the particulars of deductions relation to each fund should accompany that bill.

Heads of Suptd in token ofAdmitted Rs

Check of ClassificationObjected Rs.

Items above. Rs. 500

|CLASSIFICATION OF SGEGIS FOR 2004 | |GROUP |A |B |C |D |TOTAL | |I.F. | | | | | | |S.F. | | | | | | |TOTAL | | | | | |



( To be filled in by the Drawing officer)

Classification of expenditure finally adjusted by A.G

Demand No.16. Major Head

Group Head

Sub HeadMinor Head

Detailed Heads.

Rs P Rs P Detailed Heads of Accounts Pay establishment
Pay of Permanent Estt.
Pay of Temporary Estt.

As in the opposite column (i.e. Pay and Leave Salary
of incumbents reckoned against...
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