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What is language?
We as humans are used to communicate with other people everyday, but do we really know what is exactly the language and what it implies? We are constantly communicating among us as a necessity without knowing what we are exactly doing. This is why language has been the topic of too many investigations by a lot of scientists. Language has different characteristics that differentiate us from the rest of the living beings. Here we will mention the most important facts of it, in order to define it.

In the first place, not all the living beings can develop the language per se. The language is an unique and exclusive phenomenon for humans. Animals can communicate among them but they do not have a language. Language is an innate capacity that humans so they can communicate and interact with their surrounding. We as humans are totally rational and we have the capacity of rationalize the language in order to combine the sounds, then words, then sentences and learn the language to be able to communicate. In my opinion, language is also a human necessity in order to live and interact with other people. This human essence is what makes us different.

One of the characteristics that language has is that it is creative. We as humans can create new words utterances and as a consequence, dialects and so on and so forth. Animals do not have the capacity of produce different utterances; they repeat the same under the same circumstances, unlike the humans that can create and infinite number of messages under an infinite of different situations. We as humans are rational and we have the capacity of learning and retaining, in order to rationalize new types of words or phrases for a new situation. For this reason the language is infinite and changes constantly. Being systematic is another characteristic of language. The systematic term implies that the language, in order to being organized, have rules to develop it in a standard way. The language is a system...
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