Language Arts in Elementary School

Topics: Linguistics, Language, Dyslexia Pages: 2 (813 words) Published: August 13, 2013
Language arts are one of the most crucial parts of education for an elementary aged child. In learning language skills, a child will be able to communicate with the world around them. Language arts is a very broad term. Many people will hear that and think it only refers to reading, but there are many other parts that encompass language arts. Listening- Listening is most usually the first component of language arts development. From birth, children will benefit and learn from just listening to spoken words or even music. This will help to form the basis of their language development. The more they hear, the better the chance that they will develop good language skills. Listening helps the child learn what the words they are mean and represent. By listening in school, students will absorb information that their teachers are presenting. Good listening skills will not only help them learn language, but also anything else that they are taught, math, science, art, etc. Listening is the basis of good learning. Speaking- Speaking is usually follows listening. Speaking helps a child learn how to take the words they hear and express their own feelings and thoughts. They must learn to speak with varying emotion, tone, volume and diction. The child needs to learn the words to help them speak to express themselves. Also, speaking will help them in school by being able to answer questions, read aloud and participate in class. Speaking is very important for children to master. With good speech skills, they can communicate well and ensure success. Reading – Reading isn’t just reading a book or magazine, reading is a way to absorb valuable information in many different ways. Children may first learn to read by viewing an object and seeing the written word that describes it. They can then progress onto to more advanced skills like reading a simple sentence. Eventually, they will be able to read many words, sentences and paragraphs to decipher their meaning and gather...
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