Language Development

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Language Development- Discussion
Retrieval Errors: failure to retrieve (i.e. recognition and/or recall) a memory. Example: interference, you can’t recall the capital of Pakistan (Islamabad) because you confuse it with Istanbul (the largest city in Turkey). What’s So Interesting About Language

Unique to humans
A central part of all human cultures
Nature v. Nurture
Innate Linguistic Ability View (NATURE)
Nature: innate, or something we are born with. Language is something that we are born with. We’ve evolved specialized centers for acquiring and processing language Chomsky’s language acquisition devise (LAD)

Exposure to language not required, we are hard-wired to acquire and process it. Example: brain equipment. Think of a specialized language center in your brain. There are actually areas in the brain where you process language. General Cognitive Ability View (NURTURE)

Nurture: language is something that we develop over time
Nothing “special” about language
It is a tool that we have developed because of our evolved brains AND through exposure. Like a computer, we’re able to process language. It’s not that there’s an area in the brain that’s specialized FOR language, it’s that our brain IS specialized to process language. Babies first words

All mama and papa first words are VERY similar across languages. (ema, opa is the farthest thing, Korean) Language acquisition occurs quickly across a wide variety of cultures Mother and father related words are typically the first wonrds a child utters +1 for nature, language similar = innate

+1 for nurture: its easy for babies to make these kind of ma and pa sounds Which one does the evidence support?
Feral children: wild, existing in a natural state
-1 for nature. (she wasn’t really able to develop language skills. If language was innate, she would have been able to acquire some sort of language capability) Steps in Language Acquisition
Prestep: crying
Babies make other sounds than crying at this...
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