Language Preservation

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Language Preservation is Necessary
Language represents the biggest part of humanity. Learning a new language is to open a new door to look at life in a different ways, to think in a new ways, and to experience a new culture. When language dies, the customs, oral traditions, and other knowledge will die with it. However, there are many debates about how preserving a language is not important, but don’t ignore the importance of saving dying languages. Language is a soul of people who speak it. Language preservation is necessary because it is the most important element of human culture, history and identity that can be transferred to the next generation.

There are some effective ways to save a language by writing stories or recording it by native speakers, so that their children can learn about the language that has been passed down from their ancestors. According to the Rossetta Project, “Fifty to ninety percent of the world’s language predicted to disappear in the next century.” So linguists are creating a modern Rosetta disk for future generation to save the world’s endangered languages. It can be a dynamic way to save languages that are only spoken by elderly native speakers.

When a language has stopped being spoken, people will not be able to practice their culture and keep their identity. In China, there are many dialects spoken by many different people in different parts of the country. Because they have diverse dialects, they eat different food, and think in different ways. Mindy Cameron in her article, argues that “Language is more than words and rules of usage. It is the repository of culture and identity” (184). Cameron points out that language is not just a piece of writing or words. It is a big treasure box that contains the most important elements that defines human beings. Culture has many meanings. For some, it is an appreciation or practice of good literature, music, art, and food. Language will be the only tool to let people to experience...
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