Learning to write essay is harder or learning grammar

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Learning to write essay is harder or learning grammar

Learning grammar is harder than writing an essay in English.

You have to put a lot of time and effort in, that you can write a good passage without any grammar mistakes. You can not learn grammar in one or two years, because grammar is very difficult in English. The ways that you can improve your grammar are writing and reading more. However, learning to write an essay is not an easy thing to learn too. You also need to put a lot of effect in, you have to remember all the format of writing an essay and you can not have bias opinion.

Most people think learning grammar is harder than learning to write an essay because if you are poor at English, you can not write a good essay without any grammar mistakes. In additional, writing is the most difficult part in English. Furthermore, writing a sentence without any grammar mistakes which is a hard thing to learn about. Therefore, you need to determine what are the subject, verb and noun, etc very well. There are some grammars mistakes are found in complicate sentence than simple sentences.

Most people think that writing an essay is easier than learning grammar, because you just have to memorize the format of writing an essay. Especially, you can not say or write anything that in your own idea or bias opinion. Each passage should have four to five paragraphs to support your topic. The first paragraph you should start with a general statement, which means you need to have a sentence to introduce your essay. The second paragraph you should be writing a sub-topic sentence, which means you have to write a sentence to support or expand the idea of the general statement. The third paragraph you should be gives some examples, listing factors, the advantages and the disadvantages, compare and contrast or more. The last paragraph you should be writes a thesis statement, which means you need to have a sentence that can summarize the essay.

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