LED for a small developin town in namibia

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This study is to assess the socio-economic status of Hardarp was commissioned by the Hardarp Town council in conjunction with Aveshe consultancy. The study is expected to identify economic development opportunities into realities, as well as to map out the resource implication for the identified interventions. ABOUT THE TOWN

Hardap is one of the thirteen regions of Namibia, its capital is Mariental.. .
The main aim of local economic development (LED) initiatives is to encourage local participation and consensus building to determine economic and social welfare initiatives for the locality and community. The concept of local economic development is based on promoting local approaches that respond to the local needs and conditions. With greater international multi-donor initiatives and developing country governments emphasis on poverty reduction (Millennium Development Goal), the decentralization Act, vision 2030 and National Development Plan 3, there is increased responsibility being placed on municipal and / local government to develop strategies to increase jobs and revitalize local and regional economies in Namibia. Local economic development requires the creation of an environment that enables the stimulation of new opportunities, in rural and urban regions where there may be limited existing opportunities for economic growth. Local economic development programs should aim to strengthen and re-enforce good governance, and identify suitable income generating opportunities for the local community, particularly for the poor. LITERITURE REVIEW

National Perspective of LED- Namibia

Local economic development has no single definition; it means different things to different sentiments.

However, generally Local Economic Development represents a broad strategy in which local actors and institutions try to make the best use of local resources to conserve and create jobs as well as strengthen and promotes business activity locally. This approach attempts to coordinate efforts, improve the conditions and environment in which such initiatives operate, and to place them within the framework of coherent local polices or strategies. It also tries to influence the behavior and internal decisions of firms, since in a market economy business is the driving force for the whole economic growth process. The success of any city depends on its ability to adapt to the changing and increasingly competitive local, national and international market economies. Strategically planned interventions are a means for strengthening the economic capacity of an area, improving its investment climate and increasing the productivity and competitiveness of local businesses. The ability of communities to improve the quality of life, create new economic opportunities and fight poverty depends on understanding the forces of economic growth and then acting strategically to maximize their comparative advantage and strengths.

The recent theories have shown both the potentials and the challenges of Local Economic Development. It has made vividly clear that governments of developing countries have the responsibility to foster industrialization, entrepreneurial capacity and business-linkages. It is now to be evaluated how efficiently the Government of the Republic of Namibia already promotes these developments through Local authorities’ integrations.

In Vision 20301 the government states its objective to transform “Namibia into an industrialized country of equal opportunities, which is globally competitive, realizing its maximum growth potential on a sustainable basis, which improved quality of life for all Namibians”

Currently the Third National Development Plan NDP3 is being implemented and focuses on accelerated economic growth. While NDP2 targeted an increased impact of SMEs on the GDP, NDP3 highlights the importance to “increase access to economic opportunities...
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