Leigh Oakes

Topics: Linguistics, Language acquisition, Second language Pages: 1 (311 words) Published: July 5, 2013
Leigh Oakes (2013) in Foreign language learning in a ‘monoglot culture’: Motivational variables amongst students of French and Spanish at an English university” thinks that The study on which this article is based investigated reasons for learning a foreign language at university in a predominantly English-speaking environment (the UK). It examined the relative importance of motivational variables as theorized in the field of second language (L2) motivation, and the effect of first language (L1) and linguistic background (English only versus other), country of birth (the UK versus other), choice of target language (French versus Spanish) and centre of study (specialist language department versus language centre). Despite the ‘monoglot culture’ that prevails in many English-speaking countries, having an English-only profile and especially being born in the UK proved to be important motivating factors in the participants’ decision to learn a foreign language. Few significant differences were found between learners of French and Spanish, which were both, deemed to have continued instrumental value despite the dominance of English in the world today. The notion of ideal L2 self proved potentially more useful than traditional motivational constructs. However, it is argued that the concept would benefit from further research in particular amongst non-specialist language learners, who appear to have been largely neglected by L2 motivation theory to date, despite possibly representing the future of foreign language learning.

Since student perception of teacher effectiveness strongly influences performance, it is critical that hiring and training of faculty be given utmost importance. Level of effort and good study habits also help, but not the sheer number of study habits.

Girls spend more time than boys. Over a school week, systematic fluctuations in time spent working at home for school could be observed. Application of Configural Frequency Analyses identified...
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