Linguistic Diversity in Early Childhood Education

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Linguistic Diversity in Early Childhood Education
Linguistic diversity in American homes has risen dramatically over the years especially in children under the age of six. Households of more than one in five school age children speak a language other than the English language. ( Along with the rate of linguistic diversity rising, so has the issues and concerns associated with it. Problems arise with negative attitudes towards the diverse students and the language they speak, the home language not being valued at school, and recognition that children learn the English language proficiency at different rates and different ways. There are many resources available today to help the linguistically diverse children and families learn the English language so they can get the education every American deserves.

One issue of linguistic diversity, is you has the teacher needs to identify the needs of the children in your classroom. A teacher needs to address their own attitude toward the children and families that are linguistic and cultural diversity. If a teacher knows that most of the students are going to Spanish speaking, for example than she needs to prepare herself for this before schools starts. A teacher may want to get with other teachers at the school or school district and talk about ways to deal with non-English speaking children and families. I think another issues with linguistic diversity is that the teacher needs to expect has much out of the non-English speaking students as the English speaking students. If a teacher starts off expecting less than she will get just that. A teacher needs to monitor herself and meet with other teachers and discuss observations, progress and the way that students are tested and evaluated so that the teachers are not setting them up to fail. All students need to think that they can progress and not fail at everything.

I think and issue of not being able to communicate with the families is...
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