Linguistic Features and Translation of Financial English

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Linguistic Features and Translation of Financial English

A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements for the Degree of
Bachelor of Arts

Ruan Chao

Under the Supervision of
Bai Jingxuan

School of Foreign Languages
Tianjin University of Science and Technology

May 2011


With increasingly closer communications on business domestically and internationally, financial English has been playing a more and more prominent role in the economic activities in recent years. It is of vital concern to grasp the linguistic features of financial English and the skills of its translation, thus having a better understanding on the business transactions. Financial English is a kind of ESP (English for Special Purpose) which enjoys a style of its own. However, the translation of financial English is till in its initial stage. Based on the findings of preceding researches, the author of this thesis attempts to make a further study on the linguistic features and translation of financial English. The thesis mainly consists of four parts. First, the eminent position of financial English in nowadays economic activities is emphasized. And the thesis summarizes the past and present research achievements on financial English. In the following two parts, the thesis focuses on its unique style and translation strategies in detail by the support of the texts of FED Monetary Policy to Congress. Part two introduces its linguistic features from the perspectives of lexis, syntax and text. In the third part, some useful translation strategies are provided and authentic examples from Monetary Policy are justified. At last, the thesis makes a conclusion of whole passage and gives a priority to the significance of financial English studies theoretically and practically.

Key words: financial English; linguistic features; translation strategies

摘 要

近年来,随着日益密切的国内和国际商业交流,金融英语在经济活动中的地位显得越来越重要了。能够掌握金融英语的语言特征及其翻译技巧有着深刻意义,有助于在商务交易中能更好地理解运用。金融英语属于一种专门用途英语,有其独特的的特点。然而,金融英语的翻译研究刚处于初级阶段。基于前人研究发现的成果,本文作者试图对金融英语的语言特征和翻译做进一步研究。 论文主要分为四个部分。首先强调了金融英语在当今经济活动中显赫的地位,同时总结了过去和现在对金融英语的翻译成果。接下来的两部分中,本文着重深入探讨金融英语的独特风格及翻译技巧,并以联邦储备委员会向国会递交的货币政策报告为例。第二部分分别从词语、句法和文本的角度介绍其语言特征。第三部分提出了一些实用的翻译策略,引用货币政策报告中的句子为证。最后,论文对全文做出总结并从理论和实践上强调金融英语研究的重要性。

关键词:金融英语; 语言特征; 翻译策略


1. Introduction1
2. Situation Review: Significance and Study Results1
2.1 Significance of Financial English1
2.2 Past and Present Study on Financial English in China3 3. Language Analysis: Linguistic Features of Financial English4 3.1 Features at Lexical Level4
3.1.1 Wide Use of Technical Terms4
3.1.2 Frequency of Initialism5
3.1.3 Application of “Hot words”6
3.1.4 Complication of Common Words6
3.2 Features at Syntactical Level7
3.2.1 Use of Complex Sentences7
3.2.2 Use of Declarative Sentences7
3.2.3 Use of Passive Sentences8
3.3 Features at Textual Level9
3.3.1 The Formal Style9
3.3.2 The Logical Style9
3.3.3 The Precise Style10
4. Meaning Comprehension: Translation of Financial English10 4.1 Translating Words and Phrases11
4.1.1 Translation of Technical Terms11
4.1.2 Translation of Initialism11
4.1.3 Translation of “Hot words”12
4.1.4 Translation of Common words12
4.2 Translating Sentences13
4.2.1 Translation of Complex Sentences13
4.2.2 Translation of Passive Sentences14
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1. Introduction

International business is important and necessary in our daily life. Failure to become part of the global markets assures a nation of a deteriorating economic influence. And successful participation...

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