linguistic history on punjabi family

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Vishaldeep Singh October/22/2013
Ms. McFarlane- Ms. Rachel/ ELA 7-701

Linguistic History Essay
My family’s linguistic history is a main role of one person from each family that represents to reflect others. My family’s linguistic history project is based on my mom’s history and how that reflects me. While my mom was growing up, she didn’t loose any language but only gained a language. She gained a language because of her movement, which reflected on me a lot. Most of my mom’s history while growing up did affect me and changed my life too. Her background information spoke the difficulty she had between different languages, which affected me in many ways. These following paragraphs are about my mom’s history and how it flows to reflect me. Starting of with my mom, her name is Manjeet Kaur and her side of the family is from India, Punjab- Amritsar. This country and place reflected on my life because if my mom’s side of the family did not come from India- Punjab, I wouldn’t know the wonderful culture that I represent right know. She was born in 1978, August 5, which did reflect me because if she weren’t born at that time, I wouldn’t be here at this time. She learned to read and write in India when she was 6-years old. Her first language was Punjabi with no problem speaking it but when she transferred to the United States of America, she learned speaking and writing English slowly by slowly. She had hard time speaking English when she transferred to the United States of America but still tried her best. This statement about my mom learning English actually reflected herself because when school had started for the first time, my brother and me more often speak English at home rather than Punjabi. She had learned English by just hearing me and my brother talk in English but she didn’t just stop their to learning English because she knew she was missing out a lot of the main information so she started asking many ELA related question for...
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