Linguistic Performance and Competence

Topics: Linguistics, Language, Grammar Pages: 3 (647 words) Published: October 10, 2014
English 50 - Introduction to the Study of Languages

Name: Ryan Mark L. CatanioSubmitted to: Pro. Salvacion Santander Topic: Linguistic Performance and CompetenceTime: MTH, 9:00 – 10:30

Linguistic Knowledge
Speakers’ linguistic knowledge permits them to form longer and longer sentences by joining sentences and phases together or adding modifiers to a noun. whether you stop at three, five or eighteen adjectives, it is impossible to limit the number you could add if desired. Very long sentences are theoretically possible, but they are highly improbable. Evidently, there is a difference between having the knowledge necessary to produce sentences of a language, and applying this knowledge. It is a difference between what you know, which your linguistic competence is, and how you use this knowledge in actual speech production and comprehension, which is your linguistic performance.

Linguistic Performance
Linguistic Performance - a speaker's actual use of language in real situations; what the speaker actually says, including grammatical errors and other non-linguistic features such as hesitations and other disfluencies. When we speak, we usually wish to convey some message. At some stage in the act of producing speech, we must organize our thoughts into strings of words. Sometimes the message is garbled. We may stammer, or pause, or produce slips of the tongue. We may even sound like the baby, who illustrates the difference between linguistic knowledge and the way we use that knowledge in performance.

Linguistic Competence
Linguistic competence is a term used by speech experts and anthropologists to describe how language is defined within a community of speakers. This term applies to mastering the combination of sounds, syntax and semantics known as the grammar of a language. According to Chomsky, competence is the 'ideal' language system that makes it possible for speakers to produce and understand an infinite number of sentences in their...
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