Linguistics for ESL Teachers -Synthesis Paper

Topics: Linguistics, Language, Natural language Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: November 11, 2013
This synthesis paper addresses my knowledge, understandings, analysis, and assessment of my experiences in this course, Linguistics for ESL Teachers. I am glad that we were given this task as by writing this synthesis paper, I can share and write out what I have learned in this course. In other word, I get a chance to share my experiences taking this course. For me, Linguistics for ESL Teachers is a very fun course. I get to learn so many things about languages, such as the nature of language and phonology. Plus, Dr. Azman has done a very great job in teaching us this subject. To make it short, we need to learn linguistics and languages because whatever else people do when they come together, whether they play or fight, they talk.

As a result of this class, I learned that language is important in human’s life. Language is a system that uses some physical sign (sound, gesture, mark) to express meaning. In this topic, I learned that we are uniquely language users. We can separate our vocalization from a given situation, while animals like cats only arch their back in the appropriate situation. We can lie, while animals can only report. For example, bees tell each other when they found food. Besides that, we can speculate while animals are bad at counterfactuals. Parts of the lectures that I find interesting are in Chapter 1 of An Introduction to Language by Fromkin. They were Animal Languages and Sign Languages. In Animal Languages, I learned that when animals vocally imitate human utterances, it does not mean they possess language. Talking birds such as parrots are capable of faithfully reproducing words and phrases of human language that they have heard, but their utterances carry no meaning. They are speaking neither English nor their own language when they sound like us. Generally, a parrot says what it is taught, or what it hears, and no more. Another topic which I find...
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