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In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Merciful. All praises for Allah, the Lord of the worlds, and the sequel is for those who keep their duty unto Him, further, here will be no hostility except against wrongdoers. Blessing and solution be upon the most honorable prophet and messenger, His family all His disciples, and those who follow them in goodness till the Day of Judgment. Alhamdulillah, the writer has finished writing this research paper. This paper is submitted to the English Program of STKIP Garut in partial fulfillment of the requirements for taking the final examination of Linguistics Subject Matter. All materials of this paper are covers the material of Linguistics book Chapter 6 about page 103 - 109. In this paper we has given the meaning of the paragraph, and we explain it as well as we can. Hopefully, this paper will help the readers to understand the material.

November, 2012


A. The Background of Study 3
B. The Formulation of Problem 3
C. The Purpose of Writing 3
D. Research of Methodology 4
A. Psycolinguistic 5
B. Language Acquisitio 5
C. First And Second English Learning10
D. Motivation In L2 Learning ............................................................................... 12 E. Language Interference ........................................................................................13

A. Conclusion 14

A. The Backround Of Study
In the preceding chapters , linguistics has been discussed mainly as the scientific study of languages. According to this view, linguistic is a theoritical, abstract, academic subject. It describes the nature of human language activity in scientific terms and linguistics are see to belong to different schools of thought and to hold competing linguistic theories. We have seen what this view of linguistics has to contribute to language teaching.

There is another view of linguistics which cuts across all schools of linguistic thought and is common ground among all linguistics. In this view,linguistics is abody of attitudes and knowledge which result from the study of things like nature of language as a communicative, social activity : language in the individual , his speech mechanism and mental capacities for language : language in society : varieties of language , the rigorous description of particular languages , etc . This common ground the linguistics is immediately relevant to whole field of language teaching .

B. The Formulation Of Study
Based on the backrgound of study that explained, we formulate some problems that will be explained in this discussion, there are :
1. What is the meaning of psycholinguistics?
2. What is language acquisition?
3. is the first language learning the same as first language acuisition?
4. What is the interference from L1 in learning L2?

C. The Perpose Of Writing
To obtain a focused, it is necessary to tell the purpose of this paper. The purposes of writing this paper are: 1. Make the readers know about Psycholinguistic , language acquisition , First and second language, Motivation in L2 learning , and Language Interference. 2. Knowing the different between First and Secong Language D. Research Of Methodology

There are many methods that can be used in educational research, such as historical method, descriptive method, experimental method etc. We use the description method in order to meet the purpose of the research.


As its name suggests, psycholinguistics is a field study that combines psychology and linguistics. The term itself was coined in 1951. Though the study had been going on eveb in the nineteenth century in the form of the study of language...
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