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Philippine National Government Supervision of the Local Government Units: is this working for development?

Local Government Units refers to a political subdivision of a nation or state which is constituted by law and has substantial control of local affairs and as stated in the 1987 Philippine Constitution, specifically Article X, Sec. 2, that this territorial and political subdivision shall enjoy local autonomy. Thus, Local Governments exercise certain basic powers like police power, power of eminent domain, and taxing power so as to best serve the interest and promote the general well-being of their respective constituents. In order for the autonomy of Local Government to operate, the national government transfers these basic powers to the local governments to allow maximum participation of the citizens in governmental and community activities by what we call decentralization that is found in Article X, Section 3 of the Constitution where the enactment of the local government code is also stated. The granting of local autonomy is justified by the reason of being a unitary State of the Philippines. But although the Local Government has autonomy from the National Government, the latter still exercises general supervision over the Local Government. As stipulated in the constitution, the National Government has the power of general supervision. Article X, Section 4 specifically states this power: ‘Sec. 4. The President of the Philippines shall exercise general supervision over local governments. Provinces with respect to component cities and municipalities, and cities and municipalities with respect to component barangays shall ensure that the acts of their components units are within the scope of their prescribed powers and functions.’ The Constitution vests the President with the power of supervision, not control, over local government units (LGUs). Such power enables him to see to it that LGUs and their officials execute their tasks in accordance with law...
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