lower drinking to age 18

Topics: Government, Democracy, Sociology Pages: 1 (296 words) Published: March 25, 2014
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Rashwan’s subject is how the internet social networks impact the Egyptian Revolution. His purpose is to inform us of how technology is the greatest democracy. He suggest that the internet is the catalyst of the uprising. He interpreted Ghonim’s statement about the internet as powerful it moves him and makes him clearly understand the importance of the internet to the world. Rashwan’s essay explains how the internet plays a big role on overthrowing the Egypt’s government. The internet gave the Egyptian’s more power, to freely express their feeling and organize an uprising. He have an emotional attidute towards the uprising. “I remember getting Goosebumps” and he also positive about the movement. “That’s an awesome power that we’ve yet to understand the true potential of, but today we’ve seen how it can unite us and cause revolution.” I don’t appreciate the author’s approach on the subject, because he give you the general cause of the uprising but not enough detail on what inspired these people to use the internet as a shield to overthrow the government. It’s effective if you want to learn how the internet can unite a nation, but if you want to find out how the up rise start or what cause it. There’s not enough detail about the topic than expected.

No because it doesn’t give any useful references, but it is well organized. It’s interested how the government shut down the internet. And how Google and other social networks still manage to help the people by phone calls. That just show how intimidating they were about the internet. The source of Egypt’s dictatorship, and names of social networks groups that cause the up rise.
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