Malaysia Plan

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Malaysia Plan (1-9)
Malaysia Plan is the implementation of development programs / projects of the Government of Malaysia to be implemented within the next five years. This five-year plan are relics from the time of British rule in Malaya after the Second World War.

Five-year plan beginning with the First Malaya Plan, from 1956 to 1960 and followed the Second Malaya Plan from 1961 to 1965. After the formation of Malaysia in 1963, this five-year plan known as Malaysia Plan where the First Malaysia Plan started in 1966 to 1970. The difference is that planning for development under the Ninth Malaysia Plan covering the states of Sabah and Sarawak states other than West Malayisa was.

First Malaya Plan: 1956 - 1960

First Malaysia Plan target is to increase economic growth by increasing per capita income and standard of living. More emphasis was given to rural communities with low income such as providing and improving basic amenities in rural areas as well as diversify agricultural output.

In line with this, the government has plans Red Book (RED Book) which stands for Rural Economic Development. Red Book aims to collect and maintain information for planning development projects and social infrastructure in the area and placed in the operations room in each district. Red Book is also used to monitor the implementation of the program / project implementation progress of the project and manually updated.

Second Malaya Plan: 1961 - 1965

Second Malaya Plan goal is to increase economic growth and standard of living through economic diversification and the development of other rubber products

First Malaysia Plan: 1966 - 1970

First Malaysia Plan is a development plan which covers the states of the Malay Peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak aims to foster integration among the people of all the states in Malaysia as well as to increase economic growth and welfare of the people.

Second Malaysia Plan: 1971 - 1975 of the New Economic Policy

New Economic Policy (NEP) was launched during the presentation of the motion approving the Second Malaysia Plan on July 12, 1971. NEP is a new approach to long-term development plan for the period 1971 to 1990. This policy gives priority to economic growth and a more equitable distribution (growth with equity). NEP policies and strategies to accelerate the process of socio-economic development and restructuring of the economy.

Based on the model of the operations room, the Government through Order No.. 1.1971 National Action Council has set up the National Action Council and the conduct of the machinery in the state and the region as a mechanism to monitor the implementation of the NEP.

Third Malaysia Plan: 1976 - 1980

After the launch of the NEP, the government has developed a variety of programs and projects that involve the provision of larger and more numerous. Total provisions and the number of projects approved under the Third Malaysia Plan has increased two-fold from the Second Malaysia Plan.

Form approved projects are more complex and involve a variety of agencies. To manage more complex information, Project Monitoring System (PMS) using computer technology was introduced and established the National Computer Center in 1978.

Fourth Malaysia Plan: 1981 - 1985

Inflation in the early 1980s has affected the development of the overall economy. Emphasized the role of private sector in the implementation of the New Economic Policy.

Fifth Malaysia Plan: 1986 - 1990

Government adopted a strategy of stable development. The private sector catalyze economic development, particularly in the development of heavy industry and resource-based industries.

Project monitoring system and system development has been further developed to replace SECRETARIAT SPP system. MIGRATION is an integrated system which integrates information about the central agencies allocation, expenditure, payment and performance of the project.

Sixth Malaysia Plan: 1991 - 1995...
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