Managing Out: the Public Sector in the Community

Topics: Government, Policy, Public policy Pages: 11 (2686 words) Published: November 14, 2010


Participants – complete your details and submit this sheet with your minor assignment. Your assessor will provide feedback and your grade on this sheet.

|Participant to complete | |Participant’s name: |David ZANICh |State/Territory: Western Austalia | |Participant’s email: | | | |Date of submission: |5th July 2010 | | |Assessor to complete | |Assessor’s name: | |Mark: /100 | |Assessor’s email: | | | |The managing out imperative has changed the role and |Comments /50 | |responsibilities of middle managers in the public sector. | | |Identify the key factors that have produced a greater | | |emphasis on building relationships within, between and | | |outside government agencies in the Australian public | | |sector. From the factors you have identified choose two and| | |conduct a more in depth analysis. | | |Identify the key differences in how contemporary public |Comments /50 | |policy analysts understand the relationship between | | |government agencies and citizens. From the differences you | | |have identified choose two and conduct a more in depth | | |analysis. | | |General comments (in particular what the participant would need to do to get a higher mark and what has been done well) | |Assessors to make comments and corrections in the document using track changes, and provide written comments above. | |Note up to 5 marks can be deducted for: | |lack of proofreading | |poor expression...

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