Maritime Industry

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How the maritime transportation had contributed to the growth of other mode of transportation? [pic]

The transport sector is an important component of the economy impacting on development and the welfare of Malaysian populations. A good and efficient transportation system is a prerequisite for the economic development of Malaysia, which has a very open and highly dependent economy and generates very large volume of trade – totalling more than 391 million tonnes (2009) – to be transported to global markets, as well as within different regions of the country. The Transport Ministry is even optimistic that the transport sector can contribute further towards Malaysia's economic growth in the third quarter this year based on encouraging developments so far.

The shipping industry plays an essential role in the maritime economy because most of Malaysian exports are manufactured goods. The aspiration to become a global exporter with the advantage of economies of scale requires that Malaysia develops ports and shipping service that ensure fast turnaround for ships, minimum waiting time and higher productivity. The Malaysia-Singapore region is served by almost every major shipping line connecting pivotal is to more than 300 ports worldwide. This region therefore has the potential to share in the benefit of high trade both on an intra regional and interregional basis. Relieves other means of transport

It is maritime transport that relieves other means of transport like rail, road and air and their infrastructure of avoidable pressure and congestion that they would otherwise have been under had there not been maritime transport carrying heavy cargo at less expensive cost. This helps to ensure that those modes of transport and their infrastructure are not over stretched.

Development of related economic activities

Maritime transport has caused the springing up of new developments and growth of economic activities to service the maritime...
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