What is meant by "industrialisation by invitation" and did it lead to economic development in the region?

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Lewis' autobiographal statements show he was a a product of dying colonial order, and in turn was an intellectual contributor to the decolonization process. He was strongly against imperialism which lead to his interest in the problems of underdevelopment.

Three seminal publications

The first of these is the _Industrialization of the West Indies_. Lewis was averse to the ideas of the Economic Plan for Jamaica. His side of the argument stemmed from a stint with the Caribbean Commission in which he studied Puerto Rico's policies and he took this knowledge and used it as lessons for the West Indies.

One critique was of the comparative advantage in the export of primary goods and importation of manufactured goods. He argued that the over population of the islands provided an economic rationale for an industrialization strategy based on the export of labor intensive manufacturers. However since capital and technology was short in islands, foreign investors were invited to assist in that plan. Foreign investors would provide distribution channels in overseas markets as they have done with Puerto Rico. His recommendations became the basis of industrial development policies in the West Indies in the 1950's.

The Dual Economy model-

_The second publishing was on the agricultural revolution_

_The third seminal publication was on growth and fluctuation._



Industrialisation is the process of social and economic change whereby a social group is transferred from a manual labor based structure to a more technologically driven society and where the economy gains much more capital via manufacturing industries. Caribbean economies have been labeled as weak and dependent, and controlled by stronger foreign states and institutions (The Plantation Economy). Sir Arthur Lewis, St. Lucia's first...
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