Measure and Concept of Development

Topics: Human Development Index, Developed country, Developing country Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: June 24, 2013

The meaning of development is measured by statistical analysis in a country with ; national income ,inflation ,unemployment rate, balance of payment ,life expectancy, the rate of literacy and such as more measurements in a actual country .Those measurements will show us how the countries are developing in the world , by the numbers of macroeconomic measures we will be able to understand how the countries are growing economically and how the macro economical growth rate is effecting actual countries social standards.


The meaning of Developing countries are third world countries or a country that is still trying to create an advance macro economical standards and trying to improve more advanced civilization. In other explanation we can also say Countries that haven’t reached an important level of industrialization according to their population so because of that reason country will have low national income, high inflation, high unemployment rate, low standard of living furthermore low domestic gross product and we have to mention an important point between low income and high population growth. The understanding of developed countries is; how the county is advanced by economically, socially, culturally or technologically and become a developed country. In developed countries we can understand by the 2 important way how the country is being developed, firstly economic development and human development.

COMPARISON BETWEEN TWO COUNTRIES (DEVELOPED COUNTRY AND DEVELOPING COUNTRY) The Comparison between the two counties we will explain Canada for a developed country and in the other side we will compare with Indonesia for a developing country. Those two countries are in different position in the world now , we should have know between Canada and Indonesia there are so many economical and social differences and now we will...
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