Media and economic development

Topics: Bangladesh, Dhaka, Newspaper Pages: 4 (1404 words) Published: September 21, 2013

VOL 20 NO 157 REGD NO DA 1589 | Dhaka, Sunday, December 30 2012 Media and economic development
Published : Sunday, 30 December 2012
M S Siddiqui
Bangladesh is a country aspiring to be a member of the middle-income group of states. It has been recognised by some quarters as an 'emerging tiger' with too many challenges at hand. Bangladesh is the seventh largest country in the world in terms of population. Despite its good performance as recorded by many growth indexes, it has been lagging behind in building necessary infrastructure for achieving the goals required to be attained by a middle-income country. Apart from weak infrastructure and the poor higher education system, Bangladesh has been burdened with an out-dated and inadequate legal mechanism that can hardly cope with the demand of corporate interests, resolution of labour disputes, recovery of bank loans, and maintaining law and order conducive to further economic development, social cohesion and cultural enlightenment. Without progresses in legal areas such as making suitable laws and their appropriate execution, speedy resolutions of all corporate and financial disputes, and quick and transparent transfer of properties some vital sectors of Bangladesh economy may suffer irreparable loses. Improvement in legal mechanism: Like the infrastructural development, improvement in legal mechanism can now be regarded as the most important pre-condition for a sustainable growth, a stronger economy, and a pro-people system of governance. Every country needs to define its social, demographic, economic and environmental conditions. This information will create the knowledge about society and is a prerequisite for forming opinions and making political decisions on a sound basis. Timely, reliable, comparable and available information on social, demographic, economic and environmental conditions are key factors for the planning of the...
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