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Topics: Linguistics, Semiotics, Ferdinand de Saussure Pages: 3 (782 words) Published: January 30, 2013
MEDIA TEXT: In media studies, the word ‘text’ is used to describe any media product such as TV programmes, photographs, films , either on video or in the cinema , newspaper articles , radio programmes , advertisements, video games or web pages. ‘Text’ are therefore the main point of our study in understanding how media languages create meaning. * One of the keys to understanding the meanings in the texts in the use of codes. CODES:

* Rules or conventions by which signs are put together to create meanings. * The English language itself is a set of codes letters made up into words, words made up into sentences and sentences made up into paragraphs. Just as we learn to read the letters , words and sentences , so to we learn to ‘read’ media codes and languages. We learn that sounds or images can be put together in particular sequences, working as codes to give particular meanings. * Just as there are great variety in the forms and style media texts, so the codes to construct meanings are varied and frequency depend upon the form of media text. * In most cases the text will use variety of codes- visual, audio and written – that ‘fit’ together in a certain way to create a particular meaning. EXAMPLE: TRIBE ADVERTISEMNET

The text is print-based but contains visual and written codes. Its exact meaning may be difficult to ‘fix’ except to say that it is an advertisement and trying to ‘sell’ a product, a particular brand of cologne. In this adut additional meaning is given through the use of color codes and the written text at the bottom of the advert. Some advert do not even seem to be trying to sell a specific product but are, presumable, just trying to make us aware of a particular company or name, for example, the united color of Benetton Campaign. * One of the key theoretical tools to assist in the process of deconstruction of the tribe advertists its component parts is semiology or as it is often called semiotics....
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